RLWYC: A Century of Summers commemorates RLWYC’s 100th Anniversary.

The eagerly-awaited commemorative book is now available chronicling the 100th anniversary of the Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club.

Writers CJ Conway and Lori Nelson combine their love of sailing, the lake, and history to tell the stories of the Yacht Club’s century of summers. Beautifully complementing their work are historic photographs from the Lake of the Woods Museum, the Yacht Club archives, and the private collections of Club members.

Documenting the Yacht Club’s one hundred year history is about more than what happened in 1903. This large-format coffee table book reveals as much about the anniversary year as the 99 leading up to it. The stunning photography of Kaz Bednarczyk and Ali Carlyle capture that year in all its glory – action-packed sailing races, tennis tournaments, and swimming contests; the elegance of the fashion-filled Royal Gala; the splendor of restored classic Lake of the Woods launches; the people whose lives have been enriched by their involvement and association with this Club. And finally the Club itself. Long a landmark of fraternity and privilege, it has always marked Lake of the Woods as the Boardwalk/Park Place of cottage country. But even at the rarified top of the social strata, there were ups and downs. Wars, the Great Depression, the Winnipeg General Strike – these things and more have had their effects but through it all, the Club has endured. Learn what it is that keeps its members so focused on its preservation, and see the latest and greatest improvement the Club has ever enjoyed – a 1.2 million dollar renovation that brought about the dedication of the Honourable James A. Richardson Sailing Centre. Perfectly timed with the Club’s 100th anniversary.

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