pdf2016 RLWYC House Rules

The following House Rules have been adopted by the Executive Committee of the RLWYC in April 2014 to govern the conduct of all Members and their guests while on Club property and engaged in club activities.

They relate to the operation of the Club with the Bylaws being concerned with Governance.

The spirit and intent of these Rules is designed around the belief that members will treat the Clubhouse, contracted staff, other members and guests as if they were in their own home.

These Rules replace all previous rules and shall remain in force until changed or amended by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall have the power and authority to interpret these rules, and their decision on all questions shall be final and binding.

The Executive Director and the Club Manager reporting to that position shall have the authority and responsibility to ensure compliance. They may call upon Executive Committee members as required to assist.

The cooperation of the Membership in the observance of these rules is requested.


Members and their guests are expected at all times to observe the ordinary norms of behaviour while on Club premises. Unnecessary noise, objectionable language, rowdy behaviour, and incivility to other Members, their families and/or guests, or to Club contract personnel is strictly forbidden. Paras 15 and 16 address disciplinary measures.

Members, their families, and guests use the facilities at their own risk. RLWYC and/or its assignees are not responsible for any injuries that occur to Members, their families, guests, or any other person while they are at, or in the vicinity of , the RLWYC Island or engaged in Club activities whether on the premises or elsewhere .

Indemnity waivers will also be required for Club sporting events.

Club property shall not be removed from the Club except by permission of the Executive Director. Any Member or visitor who wilfully damages, defaces, steals, destroys, or removes property or equipment belonging to the Club shall be responsible for compensation and/or face disciplinary action as determined by the Executive Committee per paras 15 and 16.

All members are required to dispose of their litter and unwanted debris in the receptacles provided. Members are requested to respect this rule on all occasions and throughout the whole of the RLWYC island.

Parents are particularly requested to ensure Juniors’ compliance.

The Club is not responsible for the loss of personal property of any Members, their families or guests.

After Labour Day in September, all “lost and found” items will be disposed of as the Executive Director deems appropriate.


The Clubhouse shall be for use by Members only and their guests as per the separate guest policy (see para. 12). “The Club facilities may only be rented by Members in good standing for 3 years, based upon availability and signing of the Special Event Contract”.

No Member shall enter the kitchen, pantries, or any of the contracted employees’ private living areas in the Clubhouse unless the Member is a member of the Executive Committee, or authorized by the Executive Director or Club Manager.

Members are expected to wear appropriate attire /sports clothing depending on the function or activity they are attending.

The locker areas shall not be used for permanent storage of gear and clothing.

Pets are not allowed inside the Clubhouse. Pets on leashes are permitted on the grounds, but owners must ensure that droppings are properly disposed of.

Local telephone calls made by members from the Club phones shall not exceed 5 minutes in duration. Members may not make Long Distance Telephone calls.

Smoking is not permitted inside the Clubhouse or anywhere on the RLWYC Island except in the designated smoking area of the tennis patio at the East side of the Clubhouse.

Raffles, lotteries and gambling are not permitted on Club premises except on such occasions that the Executive Director may approve.


The Clubhouse is generally in operation from the last week of June until Labour Day in September, depending on the calendar.

Normal hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily. Hours of operation are subject to change at the discretion of the Executive Director and will vary when special events are held and at the beginning and end of the season. The Clubhouse may be closed on such other occasions as decided by the Executive Director with appropriate notice to Members.

All persons, whether Club Members, Special Event Hosts, or their guests, shall vacate the Club premises no later than 1:30 am on the day following any Special Event, subject only to the Executive Director’s discretion.


Food service is available in the canteen from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, and from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The canteen may be open at other hours due to events or programs listed in the Calendar of Events at the Executive Director’s discretion following a member’s request.

After August 20, the hours of canteen operation may change, as determined by the Executive Director.


The RLWYC and/or its assignees are not responsible for injuries that occur at or around the play structure.

  • Children play at their own risk.
  • Children over the age of twelve are not permitted on the play structure. Children aged six and under must be supervised.
  • Parents are responsible for any damage incurred by their children to the equipment.


The maintenance of the tennis courts and their usage shall be subject to the Rear Commodore of Tennis’ interpretation and discretion.

Members are requested to respect the tennis courts and apply suitable etiquette for behaviour on them.

Excessive noise can be very disturbing to players. Please respect this when walking to upper courts.

Singles games may be booked for a one-hour period. Doubles games may be booked for a one and a half hour period.

No bookings may be made more than four (4) days in advance, except for pre-reserved lesson times and sessions managed by the Club professionals.

As a courtesy to other members, if you will not be using a court booking, please call the Club to cancel your booking.

A court may be re-booked by another Member if the players who first booked the court are more than fifteen minutes late.


The maintenance of the swimming area and its usage shall be subject to the Executive Committee member in charge of Swimming’s interpretation and discretion.

All members and guests must adhere to the rules posted at the swimming area at all times and apply suitable etiquette for behaviour. Excessive noise can be disturbing to other members activities. Members are asked to keep this in mind while using the swimming area.

The Club’s designated swimming area is for swimming instruction and recreational swimming only.

Violation of these rules will result in the member or guest being asked to leave the swimming area. Members or guest choosing to use the swimming area will do so at their own risk.

The Club will provide the safety and emergency rescue equipment in accordance with the club’s National Lifesaving Society charter.

The Club will have a certified lifeguard on duty at the swimming area to oversee swimming during set posted hours. The lifeguard on duty or one of the club’s Swimming Instructors is authorized by the Club to enforce these rules.


The maintenance and usage of all the Club docks and boat storage facilities shall be subject to the Harbour Master’s discretion, and the sailing facilities in conjunction with the Rear Commodore of Sailing.

Boat owners (power and sail) and/or boat operators are responsible for the safe and proper docking of their watercraft at the Club’s docks. The RLWYC is not liable for any damage incurred to watercraft docked at the Club.

Boat owners and/or boat operators are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their boat is safe from damage and will not put other boats at risk for damage, whether they have docked it themselves or if a boat boy contracted by the RLWYC has assisted them with docking.

No boat docking is allowed at the sailing docks, in areas designated for Club boats including the crash boats or in the designated pick up and drop off spots except at the Harbour Masters discretion.

Members who are not contracted staff of RLWYC are not allowed to use the Club’s motorized boats except at the discretion of the Harbour Master or the Rear Commodore of sailing. The pontoon boat may be rented under a special arrangement on application to the Executive Director.

Members are not allowed to leave boats overnight at the Clubhouse end of the island unless permission is obtained from the Harbour Master or the Executive Director.

Members are requested to respect a “no wake” policy near the Club’s docks. Driving a boat dangerously or compromising the safety of other Club Members will be subject to disciplinary action per paras 15 and 16.

No member under the age of 19 may use the elevator from the Dock to the Clubhouse at any time unless accompanied by an adult member.


Usage of the “haul in/out” towing vehicle is restricted to those authorized by the Harbour Master. A key to the vehicle will be kept by him/her and a spare with the Executive Director.

Boats stored must be placed in the spots designated by the Harbour Master. Spars, masts etc should be stowed tidily in the same vicinity.

Members wishing to store boats at the West End of the island either for the summer months or for the full winter period are required to enter into a storage agreement with the Club. This can be obtained from the Harbour Master or the Executive Director. The agreement will include the payment of a storage fee to be determined by the Executive Committee and give the Committee the right to remove boats that have not been in use for more than one season at the member’s expense.


Each Member is responsible for their own, their family’s or their guest’s conduct regarding the consumption of alcohol. The Club does not assume responsibility with respect to the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Club premises and the operation of watercraft following such consumption.

Club contracted staff who serve alcoholic beverages have been instructed to refuse service to any person who in their opinion has consumed alcohol to the point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to other Members and guests. The unrestricted judgment of the Club’s contracted staff will govern, and any refusal of service of alcoholic beverages must be respected and complied with.

Members or sponsored Members who are using the Clubhouse for a private function or Special Event must use the full service bar provided by the RLWYC.

No alcoholic beverages, other than that provided by the RLWYC and as permitted by law, may be brought on to and consumed on RLWYC premises.

All alcoholic beverages are to be served by bartenders contracted by the RLWYC.

No illegal substances are permitted on RLWYC property.

11. JUNIOR MEMBERS (minors)

A Junior Member is a Member under the age of 19 years.

Junior Members are expected to follow all House Rules. The Executive Committee has given authority to the Executive Director and the Club Manager to discipline Junior Members who do not comply, including immediate suspension from using the Club to a maximum of 72 hours. Any suspension must be reported to the parents of the Junior Member concerned and to the Executive Committee.

If the conduct of the Junior Member warrants a suspension of longer than 72 hours, a meeting of the Commodore (or the Commodore’s designate), one other Member of the Executive Committee, the Club Manager or the Executive Director, the Junior Member, and his or her parent(s) will be held at the earliest opportunity to determine the length of the suspension.

Children under the age of eight (8) are not permitted at the Club unless a parent or supervisor is present, except during times the child is taking part in supervised events and activities of the club.

Junior Members may have charging privileges at the RLWYC only when authorised in writing, or by email, by parents to the Executive Director.

Junior Members are forbidden from consuming alcoholic beverages on the Club’s premises in accordance with Ontario law. Junior members who attend any event where alcohol is served may only do so accompanied by a parent who is a member and must leave the premises on their departure.


Guests are welcome at the RLWYC and members are requested to make guests of other members feel at home. Guests should be encouraged to join in due course. To avoid abuse of guest privileges, a maximum number of visits may be imposed on an individual guest at the discretion of the Executive Committee. embers are encouraged to select the membership dues category that works for their family while respecting the intent of the guest policy.

A Guest Policy will be maintained to permit members to introduce guests and to use club facilities for events and activities. Members are required to sign in all guests in the Guest Book provided.

A guest fee, to be determined annually by the Executive Committee, will be payable by the member for club activities. Social events and certain Club invitational activities as designated by the Executive Committee will be exempted from any fee.

The host-member is accountable for any damage, debt, or liability incurred by their guests. The host-member is responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests, and to ensure their guests adhere to all House Rules.

Members are restricted to a maximum of 6 guests each for any Club social event. Private or sponsored Special Events being excepted.

No member shall bring in as a guest any person who is suspended or who has been expelled from the Club.

Non-members who are juniors are welcome to subscribe to the teaching programs of the tennis and sailing sections without sponsorship. However, such entry is subject to the discretion of the respective Rear Commodores of Sailing, Tennis & Swimming. A higher fee will generally be charged than for members.

Club tournaments and competitions are open to Club members and their guests. Winners of the trophy will show members names only; Guest names will not appear. Only events that have been deemed Open will Guest names appear.

Non-members may not use the facilities of the RLWYC unless introduced by a member per the above or have been introduced by way of a letter / email to the Commodore or Executive Director from a reciprocal Club recognized by the RLWYC.


The RLWYC is a private club and members are requested to respect this.

No information or particulars regarding Members shall be given out for any purpose unless authorized by the Executive Committee.

No list of Members’ names, postal addresses or email addresses, except the Club roster, shall be given out for any purpose unless authorized by the Executive Committee. The roster information is for Member’s use only and is not to be distributed to non-members.

The Club newsletter is a private Club publication for reporting regularly on and promoting Club activities and events. It will publish members’ notices as appropriate at the Editor’s discretion. It will not be used for reporting on non Club events or causes except where authorized exceptionally by the Executive Committee.

All Club business shall be done on authority of the Commodore, the Executive Committee, the Club Manager, or any person authorized by the Executive Committee to represent the Club. No Member shall purport to represent the Club on any business matter, and may not issue statements to the press on Club matters, unless so authorized.

Pamphlets, advertisements, or notices shall not be put on the Club bulletin board, distributed at the Club, or by email, without the prior approval of the Executive Director.

No articles or services, except those sold by the Club, shall be advertised or offered for sale on Club property except as authorized by the Executive Committee.

Press or media personnel, acting in a professional capacity, may only attend Club functions as guests by specific invitation or approval of the Executive Committee.


No account shall be opened without a full credit card backup being provided to the Executive director.

Each Member shall be responsible for accounts charged for any item purchased in the Club by family Members or guests.

The Club will not cash any personal cheques but membership dues may be paid by cheque.

Members will be charged the full fee for all programs they or their families register for, unless 72 hours cancellation notice is received prior to the first day of class. In exceptional circumstances the Rear Commodore of Sailing or Tennis may exercise some discretion.


A Member shall not directly reprimand any contract staff of the Club, but shall report any such complaint to the Executive Director or a member of the Executive Committee immediately.

Members and their guests who are unhappy with any aspect of the service in the Club are asked to bring this to the attention of the Executive Director or a Member of the Executive Committee immediately.

In both the above cases, if the situation cannot be resolved reasonably at that time, the Executive Director or Committee member should bring the matter to the Executive Committee for a ruling at the earliest practical opportunity.

Complaints about food or service in the canteen or at Club functions should be made immediately to the Club Manager or Executive Director.


The Club Manager, the Executive Director or any member of the Executive Committee should in the case of any dispute or infringement of the Club Rules which cannot be immediately resolved bring the matter to the Executive Committee for a ruling at the earliest practical opportunity.

Any Member of the Club who has evidence that another Member of the Club has acted in a manner subject to disciplinary action has the right to file with the Executive Committee a written allegation against that Member setting out:

  • the time, place, type, and nature of the conduct subject to disciplinary action;
  • all the evidence in respect thereof; and
  • why such conduct is detrimental to the Club and contrary to the House Rules

The Member against whom any allegation is filed shall be notified in writing by a member of the Executive Committee of the details of the allegation.


Upon receipt of a disciplinary allegation or a complaint that has not been resolved, a minimum of three members of the Executive Committee, shall meet at their earliest convenience to hold a Disciplinary Hearing. All parties involved in the allegation or complaint, including the Member against whom allegations have been made and the Member making the allegation shall be in attendance and have an opportunity to submit evidence.

Upon hearing all the evidence and considering any submissions given, the Executive Committee will make a decision regarding what action should be taken.

Written notice of that decision by the Executive Committee, and a brief summary of its reasons for such decision , shall be given to all parties involved and any Member to be disciplined within 48 hours of the decision.

The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on all persons concerned.

If the Executive Committee decides that a Member has committed actions which should be subject to disciplinary action, then the Executive Committee has the authority to:

  • expel the Member from the Club, or
  • suspend the member from the Club for such period of time as the Executive Committee deems appropriate , or
  • reprimand the Member in an appropriate manner.

Any expelled, suspended, or reprimanded Member shall not be relieved of their liability to pay any debts she /he has accrued to the Club.

When a Member is suspended for an infraction of the House Rules by the Executive Committee, or a Junior Member is suspended by the Club Manager or a member of the Executive Committee, suspension shall mean exclusion of that Member from the premises of the Club for the duration of the suspension, and exclusion from participation in any activity organized by or sponsored by RLWYC, whether that activity occurs outside the Club or within the Club confines.