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The RLWYC 2018 Sailing Program has something for everyone.  From seasoned racers to young beginners, there are many opportunities for every sailor.

The Learn to Sail Program

The Learn to Sail Program offers sailing instruction children of all ages. The program includes courses for complete beginners to budding racers. All courses are taught by Sail Canada certified instructors using the CANSail Dinghy program.

CANSail is designed to be a set of progressive learn to sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills.  It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidates key skills and solid experiences before adding complex skills. (source:

The CANSail approach allows each sailor to practice core sailing skills in a fun, safe learning environment at the right stage of his/her development.  This is the foundation for sailing as a life sport. Our Club’s fleet offers a variety of sailboat opportunities to our sailors including Prams, Optimists, Lasers, RS Fevas, CL-16s and more.

Sailing at the RLWYC falls under the jurisdiction of Sail Manitoba.  Founded in 1965, Sail Manitoba’s aim is to foster an excellent and vibrant sailing community among its nearly 20 member clubs.  All sailors in the RLWYC programme must pay an annual membership fee to Sail Manitoba ($35 for competitive sailors and $20 for participants), which provides comprehensive liability coverage and accident insurance.  This fee is in addition to lesson prices.

Race Team Program

The Race Team Program (Team Core) prepares sailors for the challenges and rewards of regatta competition, while promoting camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Students of all ages are welcome to join Team Core.  Sign up by the week or for the entire summer season.

Club Races

The Club Races are for sailors young and old who want to test their skills in competition. The growing fleet of scows has brought new energy to this series in recent years and it has become an exciting forum for spirited competition and good-hearted rivalries.  Club races run most weekends throughout the summer, highlighted by the annual Richardson Regatta.  In addition, younger sailors have the opportunity to race in the Wednesday Series of races.

Questions? Please contact Nicola Tory at

RLWYC Sailing – A message from the inexperience incoming Rear Commodore

My overarching goal is to help foster and promote a lifelong love of sailing, to give our members the opportunity to go sailing while they are at the lake, weather it is racing or just recreational.  I have observed that the people who go sailing the most at the lake have a background in racing, so it is logical to promote racing at the club, particularly the juniors. The other people who sail a lot are cruisers, I think that we need to do more “destination ” sailing where we sail to a location, fool around or just race, and sail back. I think the kids can get tired of sailing in circles.

I think that we need to change it up a bit. The Wednesday races don’t resonate with the kids at all. The kids don’t place any value on them, think they are boring and don’t take them seriously. I think that Team racing or Match racing may add a dimension to this that is missing, also the Wednesday races will be done within class hours to ensure greater participation and with luck, interest.

In order to make life long sailors we have to do a better job of getting kids out of wet feet and into the next phase of their sailing progression. Wet feet is a fun time with your friends that happens to include an activity called sailing. What is going to engage the 9 to 11 year old? What is going to engage the 12 to 15 year old who is not a rabid racer? What has worked in the past at our lake? I welcome feedback from anyone who has ideas and energy to contribute!
Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club 2016 Learn to Sail Program offers sailing instruction for all ages and abilities. Learn to Sail programs are a dynamic and fun-filled way to spend the summer. Group lessons are described below. Private lessons are available on request. Please contact James Tory at the club to make an arrangement.

All courses are taught by CYA Certified Instructors and emphasize safety, theory, boat handling and good sportsmanship. Students can achieve Wet Feet and CANSail levels 1, 2, 3 & 4. The Learn to Sail fleet consists of Prams, Optimist Dinghies, Lasers, 420s, RS Fevas and CL 16s.

RLWYC Learn to sail aims to provide an enjoyable experience, while developing skills and enthusiasm for the sport of sailing.


Rod Nicolls
Rear Commodore Sailing