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RLWYC Racing Program (Team Core) prepares sailors for the challenges and rewards of regatta competition, while promoting camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Students of all ages are welcome to join Team Core. Training includes: practice starts, short course racing and on-land debriefing. Topics include: strategies and tactics, regatta rules, sail and boat tuning, and boat maintenance. Team Core is ideal for students who have a keen interest in racing.

We encourage all sailors interested in Team Core to bring their own boat and dolly, although a limited number of Club boats are available on a first come served basis.

Team Core Wear to be announced

You will be contacted to place an order after you register for Team Core.

Team Core Course Descriptions

Race Team will operate Monday through Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm and during weekends when there are regattas. After weekend regattas the following day (usually a Monday) will be maintenance days, racers may be required to assist for a portion of the day but there will be no formal training on maintenance days.

Race Team members will also participate in the Wednesday afternoon races and Saturday/Sunday Club Races.


Team Core-Opti is an fun way for young sailors to build a solid sailing and racing foundation. Racing skills will be taught at an age appropriate level to prepare young athletes for regatta competition. In addition to weekly coaching, this season will feature Team Core – Opti participation in several events during the season.

Attention All Team Core Opti Racers

McLaughlin Scholarship offers one RLWYC sailor the use of a beautiful black racing OPTI, for the summer season. This boat has a complete set of the best equipment currently available including all required traveling equipment (sail bag, blade bag, spar case, top and bottom covers…) as well as a dolly for use at regattas. The scholarship will reimburse the entrance fees for every regatta in which the boat is sailed.


Prerequisite: CANSail 1&2

Team Core – Intermediate & Advanced racers will concentrate on boat handling and racing techniques in single-handed or double-handed boats. Instruction will include dry-land training, start line training, short course racing, and on-land debriefing. Topics include race tactics and rules, sail and boat tuning, regatta strategies and sail controls, trapeze and spinnaker work. In addition to weekly coaching, this season features Team Core – Intermediate & Advanced participation at the following events. Some additional costs may be incurred, depending on regatta schedule.

** Advanced racers are encouraged to have their own racing boat (BYOB) and dolly.

Race Team Road Trips

The racing program requires occasional weekend travel to select local regattas. Team travel demands a level of commitment from our Team Core sailors and their parents. Race Team members will also be offered opportunities to train and travel with the RLWYC at provincial and/or national events. Our coaching staff will help each racer to customize a regatta schedule suited to the racer’s abilities and interest level. The RLWYC is committed to providing the necessary logistical support for Team Core. On-the-water coaching at regattas, transportation to and from regattas, boat trailers, parental support and tons of fun will be made available to our traveling athletes.

The RLWYC will strive to keep costs down; however racing families need to understand that some additional costs will be associated with the traveling team. Students attending ‘away’ regattas will be financially responsible for their share of regatta fees, travel costs, coaching, food and accommodation. These costs and itineraries will be discussed at parent meetings in July.

General Information

  • Sailors must provide and wear an approved PFD and rubber-soled shoes.
  • Sailors should bring a towel, dry clothes to change into at the end of the day, a set of foul weather gear, hat and sunscreen.
  • All sailors in the Racing Program are expected to participate in the Wednesday Races.
  • RLWYC Membership is required for full season Team Core participation.
  • Maintenance Days occur on all Mondays following weekend regattas. Maintenance days provide team “R&R” and/or time for boat maintenance.