Swimming Program

RLWYC is pleased to offer the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Program as well as Bronze Levels, First Aid and CPR programs. Each week there will be time scheduled for formal lessons following the Life Saving Society Swimmer program.  The schedule and registration for Lessons is available online.  Children registered in Lessons will be supervised for 45 mins each day.  In-water swim will be offered for a minimum of 30 minutes for young children and 45 minutes for older children.  If the weather is warm and the kids can manage, these times will be extended. The remainder of the time will be spent leaning on-land water safety and supervised games.

Private lessons are available upon inquiry.

Higher levels, including Bronze Levels, are formally scheduled for later in the day to accommodate the schedule of many teens who may be working during the day.  These classes will be held subject to demand and can be scheduled at a more suitable time for participants if necessary.  Please contact us for scheduling.

We strive to create the safest possible environment for our children, so pre-registration for swimming will be required and drop-ins will not be accepted.  Register online or by calling the Club.

First aid and CPR courses are offered to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of certifications and knowledge based classes. Contact the Office or Head Swim Instructor for more information.

The Minnows Swim Team also participate in the Three Island Swim.  The RLWYC barge will be manned with lifeguards and the Minnow Team participants who will be able to swim as little or as much of the course as they want or can manage. The Minnows will help young athletes find team mates to enter a relay with, or offer support and training to try the swim as an individual.   Special prizes and team-wear for all participants.

For more detailed information on swimming lessons, combinations sessions and registration, >Click Here.

To contact the Rear Commodore of Swimming or Head Aquatics Instructor please email the addresses below.

Three Island Swim

The Three Island Swim is a 3-km swim around three islands, one of which is our own Yacht Club Island.  Open to all levels and ages, swimming the whole course or in a relay team, the Three Island Swim is a fun and exciting event that is not to be missed!  Canoes, kayaks, and rowboats escort swimmers on their journey out and back to the club dock.  Always on hand is a crowd of enthusiastic supporters cheering on their favorite participants.  For more information on events at RLWYC please contact : info@rlwyc.ca